Teachers. Liars and Cheats.

Government: Teachers are liars and cheats.

Anonymous tweeter: Teachers (except me) are liars and cheats. I’ve just left my job, Michael, is there anything at the department for me?

Secret Teacher: I am a liar and a cheat, but they made me do it. I had a mortgage to pay…the children are rubbish….

Spartacus: I am a liar and a cheat.

The real Spartacus:  No, I am a liar and a cheat.

NQT: Can I please be a liar and a cheat?

SMT: Yes, of course, just make the red on this spreadsheet turn green and you’re half way there.

Government: They’re all admitting it now. What we need to do is make the exams harder and the sanctions for not passing them tougher.

Toby Young: Latin. More Latin.

Employers: What the hell is going on?

Child: Hello? Hello….


3 thoughts on “Teachers. Liars and Cheats.

  1. My daughters primary school is plummeting into this ‘confused black hole of peter/paul ethics otherwise known as Goveism – where all but the Child is put first. A governor is now the paid self appointed ‘chief’ librarian and recent newly appointed admin assistant. My youngest is bored and slightly disengaged, her class has at least four special needs pupils, theschool has roughly 17 in total – it’s a black hole. Last time I was in helping, a whole class was shipped off to the library whilst a child sat screaming with a TA on hand. My concern is that It’s no longer about learning and developing a passion for learning but whether pupils should be wearing headphones in order to cope with the high noise levels and constant distractions from other pupils in melt down or being given one to one ‘mad minutes’ where they can effectively melt down during class with a TA or parent helper on hand to give them the attention they are seeking… oh I know, it sounds cynical and unsympathetic. i’ve worked with young people for 30+ years now and never have I been so appalled, by what I can only term, the governments blatant de-construction of the state school system.

  2. It’s depressing isn’t it, but there is room for hope. People need to speak out, point to the absurdities and stand up for children. And maybe….

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